Would you like to experience talking
to your inner guide in less than an hour?

Would you like to develop your 
spiritual and psychic abilities 
to their fullest potentials?

Would you like to have an Interactive Experience 
with the Universal Consciousness and 'All that is'

TESTIMONIALS:- Mary, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to meet my guide, she is great and so are you!!...... I got an urge to ring Mary one Saturday morning a few months back..... when she answered the phone and I said who I was.... it immediately felt like I was speaking to a very old and trusted friend. We ended up doing a VisionQuest ..... and that was how/when I met my spirit guide, Eve...... S.G.


Within 5 mins of beginning my telephone session, I was able to see and meet my inner coach, and I received some amazing feedback. The direction I was given during my VisionQuest has helped me sort out the basic problems and face the future with a smile. Things are coming together so quickly, and the way forward has never been clearer.  R.J.F.


See, hear, talk, directly with your Higher Self
in less than an hour, guaranteed

As well as communicating with your inner guide through questions and answers, you may prefer to interact directly. I call this process a VisionQuest. This is an intensely personal experience and there are always shrieks of delight, and often a few tears, along the way. It is important to remember that you are creating any personality you encounter. It is your way of communicating and becoming One with the Universe. It is an energy and aspect of you. The answers still come from within your own being. We are all One after all. We can also use the opportunity to ask the Universe to develop your spiritual and psychic abilities to their fullest potentials.

Experience an inner 'knowing'

VisionQuest is fascinating in itself and you become totally absorbed in it, as you experience the workings of your own inner consciousness. It is afterwards, when you sit quietly and go over things, that you begin to understand the depth of guidance and information received. At which point there are several more Oooh's and Aha's and you begin to tingle. Somehow you just 'know' that something very special is happening. You are meeting a wonderfully wise new aspect of you.

Anyone can do a VisionQuest and everyone meets their inner guide. 
It is an intensely personal experience, with 
guaranteed results and a 100% success rate

VisionQuests are conducted by appointment,
over the phone or 1-2-1 and you will need to allow approximately an hour of uninterrupted quality time. The VisionQuest Fee 50 (approx $80). I am pleased to accept Switch or Visa, or cheque in pounds sterling, in advance. 

Email me for an appointment  mailto:maryashley@freeuk.com