Spiritual Teacher          Intuitive Counsellor 

Here are extracts of some of my conversations with friends .
I trust you learn a little from them and a little more about me.


Healing beyond the Veil and Bereavement Therapy

Hi all,

I am involved in a discussion on another group, regarding mediumship and the subject of healing beyond the veil has arisen. I thought some of you may be interested in my input.

I find this to be wonderful bereavement therapy too... I explain to folks
that if the person was here, and very ill, then they would pour all their
love and healing energy to them... so why not continue after the
transition.... With this realisation the transformation of the energy of the
bereaved is a joy to behold.... an inner light comes on. I further explain
that when we laugh, those in spirit laugh. When we cry, they cry. I
encourage them to send their loved ones joy and laughter.... Light and Love.

So many people have come back to me, and said how much difference this has
made to them and how much they have been able to comfort friends in similar


My experience good and bad with Ouija boards

The Ouija board

The first time I encountered it, was at a party... we used a glass and bits
of paper.... I was maybe 23...  two folks were serious, the others messing
about... (how not to do it, folks)..  one tostesterone laden idiot asked a
secret question... the glass became very agitated... pushing the pieces of
paper to the floor, as if to break the circle... he started to laugh and
dare it to answer him...

I recall a sudden and great peaceful energy come and totally overwhelm me...
I said something like  'Enough of this stupidity' and the glass stopped.
Everyone went silent, until the dumbhead whined 'I want an answer'... at
which point, the glass flew straight across the room and smashed on a wall.

His question evidently was 'What is the card of death and how can I have
it's power.'

I would have nothing to do with the board at all after that, until I
recieved a phone call, from a spiritualist church 100s of miles from where I
lived, asking me to buy one, as someone special wanted to communicate with
me, as John and I had a special task to undertake for spirit. Basically I
said 'Bog off'... but gradually, they explained about the board, how to use
it properly.. and asked me to reconsider.. for the task...

So we did... the task took us over 2 years... our cards for spiritual
guidance... John received the drawings... the text came through the board.
We even designed our own board with our own logo. It is idiot proof, with a
built in gatekeeper...

We used to take the cards and the board, and other stuff to the psychic
shows. John made and sold pendulums.. taught people to dowse.. I did
readings. Occasionally, folks would request we use the board with them at
the shows... we did. We connected people with their loved ones... many, many
times we got proof for them.. whether they touched the board or not. So many
wonderful tears.. and release.

My gran wanted a go, grampa came through, started talking about the Lord's
army... Nan was astonished... she had wanted to be in the Sally Annie.. and
grampa was the only person she had ever told. She thought it was
marvellous... My wizzened, cynical old granny, grinning like anything,
talking to gramps as if it was the most natural thing in the world. 'Was he
looking after himself' and him going on about her ruining the lino by
polishing the pattern off... It was a very special and touching moment...
and very funny too.

We often use the board for rescue work... one or the other of us, will get
an inner call... sometimes the energy generated is so strong, neither John
nor I can move for the pins and needles... but it's worth it. Some people
haven't spoken to anyone in years... they don't stay long.. it's almost as
if they need permission to go... they are actually grateful... and thank us.
I get pretty emotional... it's overwhelming sometimes.

Sometimes, we will have a board meeting... we will be introduced to new
ideas, concepts, sometimes we just giggle and have fun. But it is joyous
fun, full of Light and laughter... In over 20 years of working with the
board (with folks with the right attitude of mind) I have never had a bad
experience, and many 100s of good ones.

Each to their own findings and experiences.


My beginnings at Remote Viewing

> Would you mind telling me how you RV, and who taught you?

Several new members have asked me how innerlight and my connection with RV
came about... so rather than write individually, I shall respond to the

I feel very fortunate to have been able to gain so much knowledge, guidance
and advice, from so many kind and generous people over the last 3 years.

I started out learning the hard way, by picking things up as I went
along.... firstly at firedocs... I asked 100s of questions there... if you
look in the archives.. anything with MaryD is mine.... LOL..... I plucked up
courage and did a few sessions there.. and well, I was hooked... when Palyne
closed her list, Steve started Stargate for CRV and I started Innerlight for
everything else. Gene had his own list, then Terri took it over, then she
started her own..... Gene started putting sessions to both lists and it grew
from there... I started originally learning / using CRV, on PJ's list, did a
few sessions for Lyn, then some wonderful outbounders for Liam, then Gene's
on innerlight. Then Gene dropped out of sight and Terri took over setting
targets. Terri offered to teach me ERV, but I couldn't get on with the cloud
breathing... so I persevered doing my own thing.... then one day, I decided
to have another go at ERV... and found I could get to the required altered state,
Terri kindly offered to set me 6 or 7 targets on a 1-2-1 basis as well as
those on the list, and that's when everything seemed to come into focus. I
then set a few targets of my own. Meanwhile, Bevy saw some of my sessions on
the list, and invited me to do work for the US Psi Squad and from that I
started the UK Psi Squad.

Gene has now returned to share his knowledge and experience, so naturally I
have been picking his brains... discussing techniques, asking questions. I
know I'll never stop asking questions... never stop learning... LOL. For me
now it is honing and
sharpening that focus and as Gene says that comes through practice,
practice, practice. And more

So thankyou to Paul, Lyn and PJ.. for the early days... and a very especial
to Liam, Gene and Terri for all the rest... plus a few special friends who
have given me advice, support and a good kicking along the way.

Mary Ashley


A 'Soddit' explained

>Hey Mary, What's a "soddit"?

Sorry, I keep forgetting many folks have not heard of them. I trust this
explains things satisfactorily, and raises a smile and not offence.

A soddit, often grows up to be a #uckit.
They are closely related to the soddoffs.
And other ....offs  :)

Soddits are unusual creatures. Very prone to emotions. On a good day, a
soddit, will say to itself, "Soddit, I am going to do this!!" On a bad day,
it will say "Soddit, whats the POINT".  They live in a place called apathy
or stagnation. Groups of soddits tend to sit around stagnant ponds, fishing
for old tyres and supermarket trolleys.

Points... are unusual in themselves. They do absolutely nothing, but have
the ability to create enormous amounts of frustration in the soddits. When
the soddit stares at the point, it starts to get angry. It then starts to
flash red and shake, snapping at the other sods around it.  At this moment,
it gets very difficult to see the point at all. This is normally where the
soddit, turns into a #uckit. This is also when they dont see it and then
they do.

#uckits, have a very limited vocabulary. Normally they can only manage
their own name. And can often be heard, repeating it as they get the point
and take their frustration out on the cat. They also have a very limited
memory, and can seldom remember the original point, less than an hour
later. All the other poor sods however, are by now pretty upset, and it can
take weeks for them to recover from the incident.

One way you can stop a soddit, turning into a #uckit, is to say, "If it
doesn't matter this time next year, it doesn't matter now".

Trouble is, saying anything to a soddit, can turn them into their two word
vocabulary cousin  the # off.

Once again, I trust this explains things satisfactorily, and has raised a
smile and not offence. Smiles.... Mary A



Everyone has a gatekeeper. They are there from the moment of your birth, or
IMO your initial creation. They never change. Once your GK, always your GK.
You may never meet them, or be aware they are there. They just get on with
their job, quietly in the background.

As we journey through life, we encounter new experiences.  Guides come and
go. Guides evolve the same as us. If a guide has been there, done that, got
the T-shirt and can help you, whilst growing themself, then they will ask
for entrance from the Gatekeeper. S/he will decide as to whether this is
appropriate for you, and your pathway. There may be a clash of personality.
They may have a conflict with the person. Ill feelings, unfinished
business. eg. It was many years before I would let my Mother anywhere near
me. My gatekeeper knew that.

A GK is not a requirement to do readings. However, if you intend to invite
entities in, the GK is there to make sure no riff raff, or rabble get in.
Its a bit like a doorman at a club.

S/he is the direct interface between you and the rest of the Universe. It
is important to recall that your GK, may feel someone is beneficial to your
growth, whilst you do not. Then arguements happen. You are in charge. Not
the gatekeeper. You take control. You state what you will and won't put up
with. Talk out loud to them. Say something like "Don't you _dare_ put me in

a situation like that again!" Or, "Can you find a guide for me that knows
about hypnosis or healing?", or uuuummm...RV, (sshh that's my secret
agent). For heaven's sake, don't tell Ghengis.

When I look now, at the "egyptian incident" I am sharing it with you, then
maybe that's why SoloMan allowed it. Maybe too, they were attempting to
show me my connection. I wasn't ready, or at least, not prepared.


Responsibilty exercise

Here is the responsibility exercise. Please, pretty please join in and do
it. Even if you don't agree with what I have said. There will be no harm,
and maybe even some benefit. It can be fun, too.

The idea, without getting too philosophic or anaytical, is to get you to
_get_ that your mental and emotional responses are of your own making. Once
you can acknowledge that, you can begin to deal with them, rather than
spending time feeling hurt, or angry, or whatever. As you see from my
recent posts, it doesn't automatically mean its easy or turn one into an

OK, now you really need a friend here, or you _WILL_cheat.

Get two upright chairs and a clock. Sit, facing each other knee to knee, so
that you can look straight into each others eyes.

Now, your friend monitors you and the time. This is only a five minute

You begin by locking eyes with your friend. AND KEEPING THEM LOCKED. This
is important. Everytime you move your eyes away, your friend, _must_ bring
you back to the eye contact. I suggest your friend move their hand to the
side you glance away to, catch your attention, and bring it back to the
middle of the space between your faces.

Now, begin by saying anything that comes into your head, e.g. "I feel
really stupid, doing this", AND ADD **** "and I am 100% responsible for
that".****. Now think of another sentence. eg. "I can't think of anything
to say" AND ADD **** and I am 100% responsible for that".****

Your friend has to remind you to say "and I am 100% responsible for this"
at the end of EVERY sentence. And to make sure you lock that eye contact.
You won't want to. You will do everything you can to escape. Looking at the
walls, the ceiling, the floor. Anywhere but at your friends eyes.

Now say out loud, whatever next comes into you head AND ADD......

Now continue for 5 minutes.

For the next loooooonnng "I wish this was over and I am 100% responsible
for that" 5 minutes.

And thats it. Have fun guys and gals, she said with an evil grin.


My Dog returns

Thirty years ago, I got a dog, from a pet shop. Called it Dandy. Across the
road from us, a labrador was chained up outside all day, and when the snow
came, it broke my heart. I said I would take the Labrador bitch, if they
wanted. So, I did. Of course she came into heat, and I ended up with 2 dogs
and 7 pups!!! When the puppies were 3 weeks old, the mum and dad, ie Dandy
and Sasha, were stolen, by one of these laboritory testing places. The
police knew, but they were gone. So, I ended up, bottle feeding 7 pups.

6 of the pups had short hair. One had long and curly hair, I called it the
baggy one. Baggy, is the one I kept.

I had Baggy for 11 years, until his hips went, and I had to take him to the
vet, to be put down. Not having any children, that dog became sooooo
important to me, and when it went, I was shattered. Yes, I had other dogs,
but, they were never the same.

So, one day, I asked the Universe if I could have my Baggy back. Weeks and
months went by, and then one day, John came home from work, and said we had
to go to the animal shelter. He didn't know why, but we just had to. So, we

We went around all the cages, all the way around the centre and nothing.
John was insistant. So, we went to the reception and asked if there were
any dogs we hadn't seen. It was the puppy block. So, off we traipsed.

When we got there, in the corner, there were 7 puppies. All had short hair,
except one. The Baggy one. My Baggy. Wagging its tail. Mummy's treasure.
And as I put my hand to my knee, now, she is there, well I have got a
biscuit with my coffee. :)




Every time I go to the bank, I have to park in a busy carpark. About a year
ago, I started asking the Universe to get me a parking space, close to the
bank. The first time it happened, I thought WOW, and said thankyou.

Next time I went down, it happened again. And again. Each time, I said
thank you. Now, I never have to worry, a car is always pulling out, or
there is always a space. Wherever I need to go, there is always a space for
me. Usually right outside where I need to be.

This effect is becoming even more noticable, now Christmas is here. The
carparks are solid. Queues to get on them. But not for me. Everyday, I
drive onto my carpark, I get the last space, or someone is just going. I
ALWAYS say thankyou, out loud, too. Every time. And every day, I get a

Thank you, Universe.

If you haven't tried it, give it a go. Let me know how you get on.


Choosing a Tarot Deck

>FIRST: what sort of Tarot deck should I get?

Tarot cards, are a bit like kittens. The petshop can be full of them, but
there is always one special kitten, that is your kitten. One pack that you
go back to, time after time, because it sits easy with you.

My personal favourites are the Aquarian, Hanson Roberts and Morgan Greer,
because each card is fully illustrated and this helps you and your client
enormously.  All of these are a variation of the traditional Rider Waite
pack. For my clients, I use the Hanson Roberts, because it is the cards are
sensibly sized, and so easier to shuffle.  The other deck I use is
Crowley's Book of Thoth. An excellent and powerful deck, IMO. I use it for
myself. BUT, not good to learn with. I have tried many other decks over the
years, there are about 150 sets available, but I always come back to these.

It is best to use a set that has illustrations on all cards, eg. 6 of
Swords. Some decks just have 6 Swords, like the pip cards on playing cards
have 6 spades. On the decks I suggest, there is a boat crossing water,
passenger/s on the boat, and a boatsman steering it. Now, the 6 Swords
means, a smooth passage from difficulty. Plain sailing. A journey across
water. Think of the River Styx, and it becomes a spiritual journey. The
beginning of life, or the ending of it. A secret revealed. The moment you
see the boat, most of that will click into place. Show the card to your
client, as you say it, and they will see the imagery therein, too. A
picture is worth a 1000 words.

May I suggest you go to my web site, and read my essay on Death and the
Tarot. There are several illustrations there of various cards from the
Rider Waite deck.


Rescue work

Terri mentioned some rescue work, she had done. It brought back a memory. :)

A few months ago, I was called to an old folks home, as none of the staff,
matron included, would go into one of the bedrooms, since one of the
residents had died, several weeks before.

I went into the room and there was this little old lady, ringing her bell
for all it was worth and almost jumping up and down in rage. Why was
everyone ignoring her. She shook her stick at me in fury. She'd been
ringing and ringing. Bless her. Poor dear was really upset. It took some
time, to get her to realise what had happened and take her finger off the
bell !!!! LOL.



Nothing to fear but fear itself

>I think my fear comes from

Stop. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Go into anything with a
"spooky" attitude, you will get spooky back. Go with love, guess what, you
get love back. Pure spirit works on love. That is its carrier wave. If you
don't feel that, then tell whatever it is to bog off.

If you listen to others doubts and fears, you buy into them, give them
power and energy. If "they" told you to put your hand in a fire, would you
do so..... nah, of course you wouldn't. Good old fashioned down to earth
common sense takes over.

>the fact that I have been told on
>more than one occasion that it can be very dangerous to attempt to
>communicate with... the unknown until you have learnt how to "close down"

Bullshit. IMNSHO.

You have a gatekeeper, with you since the dawn of your time. It loves and
protects you. You are in charge. You lay down the law. Take charge. Have a
pow-wow with it. Oooo.... umm. And here am I saying about indians (native
americans pc) in a previous post, and look what I have typed. Mary shoots
herself in the foot, in spectacular fashion. LOL.

Yes, the faces, I've had those. It reminds me of an old StarTrek episode.
Do you remember it. I love Trekkie. Gene Rodennberry, did so much rv and
spiritually based work. I found, once I looked at them, and chose to move
beyond them, the faces went away. I rather think, there are others here,
who will expand on this theme.

>What do I need to
>do/learn before I ask them to make themselves known to me?
Truly. Nothing. Like I said, they have always been there, with you. Simply
waiting for you to ask:) But, what would make you feel safe, Sharon?

Why not create a room within your mind, if you like. Tell no-one about it.
It is a place where no one can go but you, and your guides, when invited. A
place of total peace and love, where nothing can hurt you. A place of
unconditonal love. Colour it, decorate it, put anything in it, which makes
you feel this is  -your- place, your sanctuary.

The room is within your mind. It is always with you. Your place to connect
with your higher Self, oversoul, God, Jesus, Buddha, guides, parents,
children, friends, whatever.

It could be within the clouds, on an island, on a nearby star, a local
beauty spot, totally imaginary, just go quietly within, and create it. It
will actually help make it real, if you go through the physical movements
of creating it. Blindfold the goldfish, move the furniture out of the way,
take the phone off the hook, and build it. A suggestion, a la trekkie,
would be a transporter, to bring your guides, invited guests etc. You could
put a glass cubicle, and invite your Higher Self, as your first visitor.
Now THAT is an experience.... :))))))

Of course, if you want to burn incense, burn incense. If you want to run
around naked and stab a chicken at midnight, do that... just kidding, folks
:) LOL.

BTW, no one, but no one should ever be afraid to ask a question here. We
all had to learn. To start somewhere. And, despite our differences, and our
arguements, and personal disagreements, we all share a commonality. Love.


Spirit Guides and Sanctuary

You ask about spirit guides. We have a variety of opinions within this
group. Which makes it so interesting, Dudes.... :) Excellent. :)

So, from my perspective.

>How many are they?

For the individual, there are as many as you need. Your gatekeeper is with
you throughout eternity. Your lifetime guide is here for this lifetime.
There are guides with various skills, healing, etc. There are guides who
come on a temporary basis, to guide and teach us, some come to learn and
grow with us, some help us to evolve. Whether they are other entities,
beings, etc, or aspects of ourselves, well who knows, who cares.
>How do we recognize them?
Sometimes, its an inner voice, an inner knowing,  Sometimes, there is a
warm hand on the cheek. Or a feeling of someone watching. A smell. A sound.
A ripple of delight. Sometimes we can create them, as a part of us. Some
people make a room, a sanctuary, and create within it a benign being. Some
create the sanctuary, and go into it, one day and there they are. I have 5
or 6 sanctuaries, for different aspects of my life. I check each and look
for the surprise. Then RV or VQ it, or simply look and listen.

>How can we assist other people to recognize them?
One way would be to create their own Sanctuary. One way is to ask for them
to come. When the pupil is ready, the teacher always appears. They have
always been there, remember, waiting, for the invitation and the
opportunity. Just ask. But be careful of the person who says your guide
is... a nun, an indian, a gypsy, a chinese etc. Thats usually a load of
cobblers. IMNSHO. One of mine enjoys nothing more than driving around the
Universe on a Harley. He takes me too sometimes. Yeh. Zoooooom. LOL.

>How do we recognize an EVOLVED soul?
I prefer the word Old Soul, as we are all evolved, to various degrees.
Usually you can sense it. I can often feel one walking towards me in a
crowd. It tends to come too loud and clear through emails. Look into their
eyes, for the twinkle, the knowing, the calmness, the silence. Or sudden
unexpected words of great and profound wisdom. I notice too, how often
disabled children often are old souls. Old souls give of themselves ....,
younger souls take for themselves.

All the above is my opinion only, not a statement of fact.


Inner guidance, inner voice

You will notice several members now, have suggested, that you get what you
expect. And that it also depends on your motivation. As I said to you
originally, ask with love, and a sincere desire to learn and grow, and it
will happen. Yes, there has to be a bridge of trust, built. That takes
time. And it works both ways. I know I can trust my guides 100%. They know
they can trust me 100%.

When I am ready for a new phase, they give me a "little" test. :-{{ If I
pass it,  onwards and upwards.... if I don't, well I live and learn. :) or
:( or even :-P(((.

Start with getting to know one. Build that friendship. That relationship.
Ask for advice. Simple things. You don't need to know the meaning of life.
Ask them for a book you need. Sharon, think back. How were you led to
me.....? Do you see? You may think to yourself, did I say that, or was it
them. Sometimes, you can't tell. If it feels "right" go with it. If the
inner voice says don't touch it, then don't. What ever you touch will touch
you back.

Remember, guides guide, they do not direct. There is no power trip. There
is no ego. There is nothing to gain but personal growth. People with prize
egos usually come up against something far bigger than themselves and come
crashing down, learning a very hard lesson along the way. A lesson they
need, but not necessarily like, but those with wisdom, realise that it
tempers them for further growth. The harder the lesson, the greater the
need must be for that person to learn from it, for whatever their spiritual
task ahead.

My lessons this life seem to be to do with trust. I learned a lesson re
trusting my guides, the hard way. I knew a business venture that John
wanted to do, was wrong, from the very first moment, even before we knew
anything about it. Every fibre of my being screamed it. No one else could
understand my gut feeling. I looked so hard for the catch. The numbers
looked right, the people looked right. The company looked right. The bank
said it looked right, but my guides kept saying NOOOOO!!! Eventually, I
bowed to pressure and went with it. Knowing it was wrong. We took a 2nd
mortgage on the house. John gave up his job. Within 3 weeks, we discovered
it was a con and a scam. We were down 25K. thats about $42,000. And it
seems like a never ending hell of a long haul back up.

Had I listened to my guides and stuck to my guns, well, who knows.... But,
as a means of learning my lessons regarding trusting them, it couldn't
really be bettered. And to work with and for them, which is what gives my
life purpose, that trust must be there. So, in the grander scheme of
things, everything is unfolding as it should.

Sorry for going on. I'll shut up now. :)


Steps of confidence

Our fears always hold us back, until they don't. I _knew_ I had to follow a
spiritual path, but each step seemed / and still seems gigantic. When I look
at this, I can't believe its ME. I have scored these on the fear scales,
from 1 to 10. 1 is OK.  10 is throwing up in the loo.

Mary's steps of confidence.

Buy a set of Tarot cards. 1
Do readings for friends 3
Put an ad in the local shop. 3
Do my first private client  10
Do my first party. 4
Do my first local psychic show. 10
Travel to psychic shows across the UK. 5
Buy my first crystal ball. 2
Do my first crystal ball reading. 8
Do my first pure clairvoyance reading. 10
Do a demo on the Tarot. 6
Do a demo on palmistry. 6
Do mediumship. 10
Do a clairvoyance demo at a psychic show. 10
Become a newbie on an RV mailing list 1
Ask lots and lots of questions 4
Do a few sessions off the net. 3
Do a series of targets for Lyn 7
Do outbounder targets for Liam 7
Locate a missing person for a client. 4
Join Gene's list. 2
Do a target for Gene. 10
Do targets for Terri. 7
Start my own mailing list. 3
Bounce an email of Gene's. 5
Clairvoyance at a spiritualist church. 10
Mediumship at a spiritualist church. 10
Stage and theatre clairvoyance and mediumship 10

ME ! ! ! I did all that. ME ! ! !

Love YOU enough to allow your Self the confidence to succeed.



My favourite Oath

A favourite oath....

> Oath to Self
> I promise to always be honest,
> to always speak the truth. I
> promise to respect all people
> and to treat others how I would
> like to be treated. I will begin by
> treating myself with respect
> and with love. And by that I
> mean that I will only do those
> things that build me up, I will
> do things that make me a better
> person, I will do things that
> are good for me. I will avoid
> negative thoughts and I will
> avoid putting myself down.
> I believe in myself. I know I can
> do anything I set my mind on.
> I believe in my abilities. I will not
> believe people who put me
> down. I will not allow myself to
> think thoughts that bring me
> down; I will focus on positive
> thoughts, thoughts that will make
> me strong. I will learn more about
> how to be a positive
> person. I will read positive books.
> My goal is to be the
> greatest person that I can be, and
> no one and nothing will
> stand in the way of this. From now
> on, I will live my life with
> this goal in mind. There is no stopping
> me! I will make better
> decisions, I will treat myself better
> and I will be a nicer person
> to all.
> I'm a brand new person. I promise to learn
> more about relationships, and I will be wiser
> in the area of relationships. I deserve to be
> treated with respect and I deserve a great
> relationship, where I am truly loved. I promise to
> not settle for less and I will not tolerate less than
> the best. Someday I will be a great marriage partner.
> If I'm single, I will be a happy single person.
> As a single person I will learn all I can about
> what makes a positive relationship and I will
> prepare myself for that special love relationship.
> I will not let myself be used or abused in a relationship.
> I will never rely on another person for my happiness.
> I rely on myself  for my happiness.
> This inner happiness that I have found I will
> someday share with a person who has also found
> this happiness and now wants to share it with me.
> I accept myself as I am, and I'm much happier
> with who I am because I have decided to live a
> positive life. I will continue to do good because
> I know that I have the power to make a difference
> in other people's lives. I believe one of the basic
> reasons we are all here is to help one another.
> I will pray when I need strength. I understand
> that I am not perfect, but I accept my faults and
> move forward with a new vision and a new direction.
> My faults will fade away with time because I will
> constantly be improving myself. The day will arrive
> when I will be the masterpiece intended
> for me to be. And on that day I will know the big
> purpose for my being here.

I can learn to do anything


I saw this and modified it slightly.

Folks who learn quickly, are often those who have enthusiasm for their
subject and also self confidence. The way we think is vitally important to
the way we operate.

Many of us are brainwashed from childhood, into negative thinking about
some things, eg. I'll can't draw a straight line. When this is thought or
said, it becomes a command for the human computer, or sub-conscious mind,
which then obeys the instruction, by programming the individual to this end.

"I can't" is then a barrier for as long as it is thought. Think negatively,
and you will be programmed to do exactly as you have thought. You will
never be able to draw, to do readings, RV, whatever....

If you are reading this, then you probably already are a positive thinker,
if not, you will be from now on. How do you do this? Very easy. Just think
and say, "I can learn to do anything", then forget about it. How long will
it take? About a split second or faster. What's more, you can apply this
simple rule to any subject for the rest of your life. You will have no
barrier to stop you moving forewards.

I can learn to do anything....



Everybody knows....

  You can't be all things to all people.
  You can't do all things at once.
  You can't do all things equally well.
  You can't do all things better than everyone else.
  Your humanity is showing just like everyone else's.

  You have to find out who you are, and be that.
  You have to decide what comes first, and do that.
  You have to discover your strengths, and use them.
  You have to learn not to compete with others,
  Because no one else is in the contest of *being you*.

  You will have learned to accept your own uniqueness.
  You will have learned to set priorities and make decisions.
  You will have learned to live with your limitations.
  You will have learned to give yourself the respect that is due,
  And you'll be a most vital mortal.

  That you are a wonderful, unique person.
  That you are a once-in-all-history event.
  That it's more than a right, it's your duty, to be who you are.
  That life is not a problem to solve, but a gift to cherish.
  And you'll be able to stay one up on what used to get you down.


Learn to dowse

Lets have a little bit of fun.... who wants to learn to dowse... its easy
(ish), and can be very useful. If you can dowse already, then, maybe you
can add to the topic... OK?

You need a weight and a length of thread. A wedding ring and cotton will do
as a starter..... Make the thread about 8" long. Now there is a correct way
to hold this... stand up... please, and imagine you have a cup and saucer
in your hand. You are holding the saucer between finger and thumb, and the
cup is full. Notice the angle of your forearm and your elbow in
relationship to your body. Your elbow is probably nestling close to your
waist and your forearm is horizontal.

OK, simply rotate your wrist, 90 degrees, so that the cup would fall to the
floor.. finger and thumb are pinched, nothing else has moved... do the same
with the pendulum now... and there you have it.... keep the elbow tucked,
arm totally relaxed... and get the pendulum to swing back and fore, away
from you, and to you, swing, swing.. a good swing, now tell it to give you
a YES and watch what it does... keep it swinging if you have to. GIVE ME A

It probably will start to rotate, let it do its own thing, notice the
rotation, is it clockwise or anti clockwise... it makes no difference, but
today this is your yes. Now ask it to STOP. STOP.

OK...? Now get it swinging again and ask for a NO. GIVE ME A NO. And watch
what happens... it should rotate in a different way....

It may not be rotations, so just take what you get, as long as you know
that for today, with this pendulum, yes is..... whatever.... no is

And thats it. You can dowse. Now, questions... must be answerable with a
yes or no. Are you a cat... is fine... cos its yes/no. Are you a cat or a
dog is no good.

Practice your yes and no responses...

Now, go to the kitchen, get two identical glasses of water, put some milk
in, so they both look the same, then put about 10 spoons of salt into one,
and stir until dissolved. Now mix them around, or get a friend to do it for

Your question to each glass in turn is:- Are safe for me to drink? Dipping
your finger in and licking will confirm your answer.... ooooo :)

Now what about that cola.... that apple.... that packet of cookies...


Worry Dolls and Teddy Bears

The adult teddy is a good idea... as a worry doll.... akin to the Guatemalan
Worry Doll concept. ie tell your worries, problems, troubles to the doll, as
you go to bed, and when you wake up, the worry will have gone. Students
especially seem to benefit from such dolls at exam time. For a person with
worries, a bottle of lavender oil and some worry dolls, or a worry teddy is
an ideal gift..

Have I always talked to my teddy....?  well, not so much now, although he
still sits besides me, all night and where my closest thoughts are
concerned, he is the only one I talk to..... but as a child, 'Wilfred' my
teddy was my only possession and my only friend.


My Mother's gift to me

I had an extremely hard childhood, with a violent alchoholic mother, who
would knock me to the floor as soon as look at me... I was frequently beaten
with a fire poker.... and learned very quickly to put out my antennas to
gauge moods, emotions, undercurrents, for any signs or nuance of a change of
environmental factors, that would innevitably presage a beating.

I got started... as you put it, the day I was certain I was going to die...
I was about 7 or 8. My mother wanted a red notebook... I didn't know where
it was... she thought I did.... she was coming up the stairs, screaming at
me, totally out of control.... she had dislocated my jaw a short time
earlier..., and this time she was 10 times worse... so.. I think I just
mentally asked or prayed for someone to help me... and the answer came...
clear as a bell, loud and distinct. I had never heard the voice before...
but it was a life and death situation, and the answer came. I have learned
that many folks psi abilities are triggered by a variety of life or death

This living on the edge in survival mode, for 16 years until she died, gave
me years of training for the psychic work I do now.... I can easily extend
my antennas... in a nanosecond, if I have to.

Although my childhood was horrendous, I realise now, that it was my mothers
gift to me... for without it, my psychic/spiritual abilities would not have
developed and you know how much that means to me:) I have found from
experience that... anyone who has had a tough life...  has the potential to
make a good psychic... those born into a cushy life, full of fluffy bunnies
and no worries, soft naive cloud cuckoo lane, will never 'get it'

Smiles... Mary.


God doesn't hide in a cupboard

I sent this to a friend of mine, but thought some of you may find
it of interest..

I'm actually working with an angel who is on the physical plane at the
moment....... I am acting as their spiritual coach.... lol... for weeks I
have had an entity around me, s l ow i n g  my mental thought patterns, and
my body.... I _had_ to do a meditation last Monday.... I was taken
somewhere, and met someone very special.. a teacher... on Tuesday I went
into work and a guy on crutches came in.... and the teacher took over and
did the whole clairvoyance session.... the guy is a Lightworker in
crisis..... it was stunning....... then I opened the office door and his
brother, came in......... WOW........ a warrior angel..... his energy was
pure light, but cold hard steel too........ I felt sunburnt in
moments........ literally...... he grinned.... he knew that I knew precisely
what he was...... I have a loving angel as a spiritual friend, who was here
before on the physical before.....he was gay...... and his feel is so soft
and gentle......he always makes me smile..... and often makes me cry... with
his warmth... but this guy is a sword carrier... there to be a guardian for
his 'brother'.... its obviously karmic... the brother on crutches is
learning... fighting his demons....... his insecurities.... which at the
moment overwhelm him.....and he is at the point he failed before... 3
times... 3 lifetimes... now I am there... acting as spiritual coach.... and
as a go between for the teacher / guide.... I presume to ensure he doesn't
fail again. The teacher said to him ....... God doesn't hide in a cupboard.

They are coming in again today, or tomorrow....... what a buzz for little ol
Mary.... what a privilege.... just don't take your eye off the guy with the
sword...... LOL.......

Bye for now....... Mary.


Aura camera ripoffs and Kirlian photography

Kirlian photography is energy, and nothing to do with heat. Kirlian photos
show a displacement of high voltage through an item...

You put a positive photographic film (ie not the negative) on an
electrostatic plate, then an object is laid on. Then a high voltage at low
ampereage is applied to the plate. That energy passes throufgh the film,
into and around the object. Because everything has an electromagnetic energy
force, an aura, you get an interaction, between the electricity and the
object, this corona of energy which results burns into or marks the film.

An aura photograph is as yet not possible. It is simply a set of coloured
LEDs, imaged through a prism system, carefully aligned around the person.
The different pictures one sees, are due to the infinite variety of
combinations of LEDs, generated by a computer or home made light box.
Various systems use various means of inputting data, usually based on your
hands, heat, cold, dampness, weight on the plate, etc, or simply a random
generation of patterns. You
can buy the system for about $5000. Ring and ask the salesman, if it
actually sees auras and they will say no.

You will notice with all these photos,
the aura seems mysteriously to stop as soon as it gets to your shoulders.
These machines have been around for over 20 years, getting more
sophisticated, but nevertheless, they are not truly seeing the aura. Lights
and mirrors, lights and mirrors, and money out of innocent folks pockets.



Meeting an entity

>My question is, has anyone on the list had an experience where they met a
similar kind of person/being?

Yes, loads, while awake and during meditation. Awake, if you are not
mentally prepared, it is incredibly unnerving the first time, and therefore
you are often given the 2nd opportunity to say hello. And why not do so. I
have never engaged in conversation with an unfriendly one yet.... :)) Most
have advice or teach me something. I find if you sit quietly and centre they
will re-appear. Sometimes physically, sometimes as an energy. Sometimes they
appear in a form you can relate to.... a child, a scribe, a leather clad
biker, a white robed old man etc.... I now find such visits exciting, and

Then there seem to be other entities, intent on their own business, who
ignore you and are just on their way through... I walked straight through
one in a shopping mall one day, or did they walk through me.... it felt
horrible, all my teeth itched, and I felt very off centre and jangly for
ages..... an invasion of my personal space in a very unusual and unpleasant
manner..... brrr :((

Occasionally, there are the folks who are lost, who don't realise they have
died, like the old lady at the rest home, I had to sort out....., a warm
thought and a mental cuddle works wonders... then there are those you would
give a wide berth if they were 'here'... and I tend to do the same
'there'... some just want to get into arguements, and feed off your
energy.... or boss you around.... I tell those to bog off.... once they see
you can't be intimidated, sometimes they come and talk, and a rescue
situation is initiated... :))


Dream analysis

When dreams are really profound, but you can't analyse them, try energising
the various elements, out loud, maybe to another person.... {{I earned my
living for a time doing dream analysis}} As you get to the 'truth' of the
message, the 'Aha', often the voice will just falter and thoughtful silence
will ensue...

Eg... I dreamed of walking/balancing on a very narrow high bridge, the
bridge was shaking. The metal in it, was beginning to fracture.... I was
terrified. Analysing _me_ kept giving me the fear.... analysing and becoming
the bridge, revealed what I was afraid of. Trying to support everyone else
and cracking up in the process. I began thus:- I am the bridge. My job is
to... etc etc etc.

To understand the message, become it.....


Embracing the Dark


......... Sometimes we have to embrace the dark... to empower our own
compassion and it hurts, hurts like billyo... I call it soul pain, because
to me, that pain is personal...
The stage beyond that is The Abyss, that one is universal... when the
darkness and pain of the whole universe embraces us as an individual... and
we are in an all encompassing vacuous black void... The abyss isn't
depression, it isn't soul pain, or the dark night of the soul... it is so
profound as to seem to be all-consuming. It is there if we are lost, we can
re-discover our own Light. And if we are fortunate, there will be someone to
support us as we find it.
As I have mentioned on the list before, a crystal healer helped me... he
never said a word, just walked into the void with me... at the end too he
was crying silently, although both of us were at peace with ourselves.
Once experienced, one can immediately sense another soul struggling or
trapped in agony within that void. There is an instant recognition of the
overwhelming hopelessness, dread and despair. The Light has all but gone.
Our own lesser soul pain gets triggered, and our Love, Light and compassion
then gives us the courage and spiritual strength to go and 'be' in there
with them too..............

 Remote viewing 

As to RV, to 95% of real remote viewers, it is wonderful, magical,
exciting, exhilarating, to 100% it is extra-ordinarily useful. I and many
here use RV to help find missing children for example.... maybe the ones
that did take sweets from the 'nice' man. I have never known anyone who has
experienced RV to ever knock it, in anyway. Some dubious folks attached to
it, yes, but not RV itself.

Take some time to learn more about the magic of RV... for
it is truly magic... You and I and everyone here, can travel through space
and time, visit black holes, sit with the hostages in Beirut, go to Mardi
Gras, wander round the pyramids, as they were being built, wander round in
drains looking for corpses, and a million zillion things more.. and all with
the power of your own mind.

I adore RV... I am like a little child with a toy after every session....
I had great fun with a target last night, when I discovered that what I
thought were black 'icicles', were spires on a church, and I was 'hovering'
in front of it upside down. Got a shriek of delight out of that one..
To me RV and spirit are separate aspects of my life. I am a stage
clairvoyant, a spiritual counsellor, and psychic and I work professionally
with spirit all day, but I have never, ever, used my guides with RV. They
have absolutely no interest in it, which I found astonishing.... I asked
why, their answer, because you need to prove you can do this for
yourself.... damned good advice too. They still have absolutely no
interest.... I don't look for or expect it, or need it.