Are you ready for change  &  searching for a better life?

Decisions to be made? Problems to be solved?

Is your marriage on the rocks?
Are the kids a nightmare?

Is your job driving you mad?
Are you stagnating?

With over 20 years professional tarot experience,
Mary Ashley offers
quality readings
phone, email & 1-2-1.

I love the Tarot. I have done 1000s of readings, 
yet each is equally exciting, being packed with information. 

'The Spread of 21st Heaven'

This spread was given to me by my spirit guides. It looks at you, what you are going to do to the world, what the world is going to do to you, building blocks for the future, and what we see you doing with them. It focuses on you, your life, your future, assisting you to make the very best of the current trends.

'The Astrological Spread'

My favourite tarot & clairvoyance reading is an astrological spread which looks at all the different areas of your life and what you have to deal with now, what’s on your mind, so to speak, plus what you can expect to bubble up to the surface in the near future. It covers you, your money, health, work, relationships, fun, family, friends, surprises, travel, etc. It tells you what you need to know, and through your questions what you want to know.

'The 6 or 12 Month Spread'

My second favourite reading explores when you can expect things to happen over the course of the next 6 or 12 months, month by month, and the potentials and pitfalls within each situation.  You will know what to go for and what to avoid!!

'Inspirational and uplifting'

My style, as well as being down to earth, is inspirational and uplifting. If you are feeling down, find the tape and listen to it. You can ask as many questions as you like. If the answers are there, I will tell you. If they are not, I will not make it up. I say it the way it is. If you prefer me not to tell you about anything "bad", that's perfectly OK, too. The reading will also answer questions you don't even realise you are going to be asking yet, so, take the tape out and listen to it once every 2 months or when that little voice inside says it might be a good idea.

If you are happy with your reading, but you still encounter problems, or have a major decision to make, please don't sit there on your own worrying about things, just because you only had your reading a couple of months ago. If you NEED another reading next week or next month then have one. Remember, the greater the need the greater the result.

I offer consultations at £15, £20, £25 and £30.
(This is approx $25 $33, $41, and $50)

£15 is The  Spread of 21st Heaven.
£20 is the general astrological spread.
£25 is the astrological spread plus 6 months, month by month. 
£30 is the astrological spread plus 12 months month by month.

*All post & phone readings are taped and mailed to you*

For a
1-2-1 phone consultation,
you may pay in advance by cheque in pounds sterling,
or provide your Switch or Credit card details by email,
and we can arrange a mutually agreeable time.
NB. I am on GMT, between 5-8 hrs ahead of USA.

For an
email consultation,
you may pay in advance by cheque in pounds sterling,
or provide your Switch or Credit card details with your initial request.